Purple Blazes The Trail For 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

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There is no excuse for Violence in a 50/50 world!

Purple is a brand that brings young people together to support gender equality. Purple believes in a 50-50 world where men and women can work together to achieve their full potentials. The key areas PURPLE focuses on are eliminating negative gender stereotypes, ending violence against women and girls, women in leadership and women in decision making.

‘16 Days of Activism’ is an international awareness campaign that is slated in to take place every year from 25th November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to 10th December (International Human Rights Day). The campaign is centered on bringing to an end to any kind of violence against women and girls. Recent studies have shown that 57% of men and 72% of women do not think that physical violence against women is justified under any circumstances but 43% of men believe that there are times when a woman deserves to be beaten. To change these perceptions and actively participate in the 16 days of activism, Purple is rolling out a campaign for ‘16 Days’ titled,

‘NO EXCUSE’ for Violence in a 50/50 world. 

PURPLE operates in 4 states around Nigeria- Kaduna, Kano, Enugu and Lagos; and the brand will be taking all the action there. Brand Ambassadors who live, breathe and support purple and believe in a 50/50 world, will have activities in institutions such as churches, mosques, universities and even on the streets. Starting from the 25th of November, there will be road shows, radio appearances, special sermons, variety shows and rallies on campuses; with all the information about it online. To round up the campaign, people will be able to attend an exciting event, ‘The Purple Experience’ where they can interact and engage with different PURPLE products including a live play, a music video by our celebrity brand ambassadors, an amusing and enlightening social experiment and everything PURPLE.

For more information on purple, please visit www.iampurple.ng

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