Quit blame game, take more steps to secure Nigeria – Yuguda tells Governors


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Nigeria’s 36 state governors must bear more responsibility for the country’s current security situation than President Muhammadu Buhari.

This is according to former Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda, who stated this on Channels Television’s program.

Yuguda, a former Minister of Aviation, believes that the argument that state governors do not have control over security agencies within their states is flawed.

He charged governors with being far more proactive than they have been in dealing with threats to peace and the safety of people and property.

“From my own experience, the primary responsibility when taking the oath of office is about the protection of lives and properties,” he said.

“For those that have the problems starting in their place, it is their own responsibility. The President will not approve any Certificate of Occupancy for you to build a house in any state of the federation, it is the governors that do.

“If the governor approves the C of O of your house, you don’t expect Buhari to build a fence for your house or provide security for you.

“If a government will dedicate the entire resources and budget on security to ensure that everybody sleeps in his house and you don’t have money to build roads, go to the President and say ‘I have secured my state, everybody sleeps with his eyes closed and business is going on. I don’t have any money, will you please support me with N20, N30 billion so that I can build roads? The President will do that.”

Governors, he claims, have made a promise to the people of their states to protect them and their property.

As a result, he urged state governors and chief security officers to be aware of their responsibilities rather than always blaming President Buhari for attacks in their domains.

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