Ranking Reveals Best, Worst States in Nigeria


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Nigeria’s Budget-monitoring tech organization, BudgIT has released a detailed document on the states of Nigeria.

Their economic situations, debt burdens, budget-funding capabilities, internally generated revenue ratings and financial sustainability.

The ranking was aimed at engendering transparency in our budgets, as well as demand better accountability from our various state governors across the federation.

Lagos, Rivers, Delta, Katsina and Enugu were ranked as the top five states with the highest leftover cash even after meeting monthly obligations; while Osun, Plateau, Ogun, Nasarawa and Oyo are the bottom five states as well as the states with the greatest inability to meet monthly payments without having to borrow.

Rivers State, with its high Internally Generated Revenue and relatively low debt, was ranked as Nigeria’s most sustainable state, with Lagos, Enugu, Delta and Katsina all trailing in that order to make up Nigeria’s top 5 most sustainable states.

Plateau, Osun, Nasarawa, Borno and Ekiti are ranked as Nigeria’s least sustainable states, with their low IGRs and inexplicably high debts.

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