Ranti Spencer: Why no patriotic Nigerian should get the FRSC’s new number plate

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Yesterday my car skidded and entered a pothole on a federal express road. My tire was condemned instantly and I had to buy a new one to replace it. Cost: N12,ooo.

Two weeks ago my car’s front shock absorbers were in a state as a result of all the uneven and pothole riddled roads in an area I frequent. Cost of repairs: N20,000.

The Federal Government now wants me to set aside N30,000 to purchase new license plates in what is purely a revenue generation scheme by the Federal Road Safety Commission. My prayer is that Nigerians unite in an act of civil disobedience against the Federal Government and refuse to purchase the new license plates. The FRSC cannot arrest everybody, neither can they impound everybody’s car.




I would have no grouse about the license plate but does the government pay for my car repairs which are caused by the shoddily constructed roads across the country due to connivance with contractors to enrich themselves at the expense of the people.

The Honda car I drive should last 15 years easily but at only 5 years old, the state of Nigeria’s roads is driving me to seriously start considering shopping for a replacement, not due to a desire to have a fancy new car but due to the necessity. I will go for a bigger jeep this time that can withstand some of the pressures of these Nigerian roads.

A country that is rated the 8th most corrupt in the world has leaders that have no business telling us to replace perfectly good license plates. I think a good round of civil disobedience is in order as we cannot all continue to be sheeple that ask “how high?”, when government asks us to jump.


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