Rapper Ikechukwu Unveils Financial Struggles Under MoHits Records

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Nigerian rapper and actor Ikechukwu Onunaku has opened up about his past struggles during his time as a signee under the iconic MoHits Records, shedding light on financial discrepancies and the alleged influence of Dapo Oyebanjo, popularly known as D’banj.


In a revelation during an Instagram live show hosted by Daddy Freeze, Ikechukwu disclosed that despite being booked for shows with substantial fees ranging from one to two million naira, he shockingly received only 50,000 naira as payment. Describing it as if he were receiving a “favor,” the rapper expressed his discontent with the financial arrangements during that period.

Further elaborating on his experience, Ikechukwu revealed that after a heated argument with D’Banj, his payment was eventually increased to N150,000. Intriguingly, D’Banj attributed the increment to the final approval of Ikechukwu’s mother, implying a familial influence in the decision-making process within the label.


In response to Daddy Freeze’s inquiry about the role of D’Banj’s mother in the label, Ikechukwu asserted that decisions within MoHits were predominantly overseen by D’banj’s mother. He suggested that every significant choice, including financial matters, required her approval, providing insight into the dynamics within the record label.

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