Rapper Oladips Slams Qdot For Debunking His Death News

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Nigerian rapper Oladipupo Oladimeji, popularly known as Oladips, queries Qudus Fakoya Oluwadamilare for the way he debunked the news of his death.

The singer took to his instagram story to air his displeasure, he thinks it was uncalled for for Qdot to have announced his state of being in such a misleading matter, painting a picture to seem like they were close friends who already had the conversation and was in on everything, while he was fighting for his life.


Oladips set the record straight, refuting claims that he staged his own death. Contrary to popular opinion suggesting he orchestrated a death ruse for publicity for his latest album, ‘Superhero Adugbo,’ Oladips clarified that such claims are unfounded.

In contrast to the solemn announcement released by his management on November 15, 2023, through his Instagram page, stating that the rapper had passed away on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, a surprising turn of events occurred.

Rapper Qdot and other associates of Oladips took to social media, presenting a contrasting narrative, affirming that Oladips was very much alive and well.

Oladips further addressed the situation by sharing a compelling video confirming his well-being, giving rise to speculations that he might have orchestrated his own demise to generate attention for his upcoming project.

Addressing the rumors on his Instagram story, the rapper pointed fingers at Qdot for the allegations of faking his death. He criticized Qdot for hastily announcing on social media that he was alive “at a time my family was unsure of my situation.

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