Re: Presidency to spend N114 million not N1.7 billion on Feeding

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In a response to our publication on appropriation for feeding in Aso Rock for 2016, Ngwoke Kenneth Gerald sent in a correspondence via email. It is being featured in our new right of reply segment.

Ngwoke writes:

The 1.7 billion was being compared to GEJ’s 1 billion in 2012 budget.
It will be fair to add all the components that made up the 1 billion before you can compare. Fine this particular item was 477 million reviewed down to 429 million in the said budget in 2012 and not 1 billion. The 1 billion included other things. See below

[quote]In the initial budget, first reported by PREMIUM TIMES in December, 2011, the first and second families planned to spend N477 million for “foodstuffs and catering materials supplies” for the president’s office, while N293 million was to take care of “refreshment and meals” for the president’s office and home.

An extra N45.4 million was to be used for purchasing “kitchen equipment” for the president’s house, while vice president’s “refreshment and meals” was to cost N20.8 million, and kitchen equipment, N45.4 million.

Mr. Sambo’s foodstuffs, catering and material supplies, were estimated at N104 million while cooking fuel was to cost N6.2 million.[/quote] Whatever their reason was, this amounts have seen drastic downward review since 2012.

May be we should compare this item your article lifted to the same item in 2015 budget and then compare the whole presidents budget.

In 2015, Foodstuff/catering materials supply was 69.8 million while it is 114.965 million in 2016 budget, a[b] 64% [/b]increase from the previous year.

Refreshment and meals in 2015 was 87.2 million, in 2016 it is 104.7 million which again is 20 % increase

Cooking gas/fuel was 5 million in 2015 in 2016, it is 6.9 million which is 38% increase

The presidency spent 234 million last year on canteen and kitchen equipment and another 89 million is to be spent this year. Must there be an appropriation? It is good to note that this is the only item that has a reduction -162%. It should be more though because these are fixed assets.

You will also have to add all of the VP’s budget because they all made up the amount talked about.

Why is it that the cost of running the state house in on the increase despite the downward trend of the economy?
Junk journalism or Aso Rice party induced journ

Ken Ngwoke writes from [email protected]

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