Read Why Sevilla Threatened To Pull Out Of Spanish Super Cup Against Barcelona

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Sevilla have threatened to pull out of Sunday’s Spanish Super Cup clash with Barcelona in Morocco if Barcelona names an “improper lineup”.

Sevilla are demanding that Barcelona do not field more than three non-EU players or they will be forced to boycott the game.

The club’s threat comes after the Spanish football federation (RFEF) said on Saturday that there would be no restrictions on players from outside the EU for the Super Cup, despite only three being allowed in squads for league matches, AFP reported.

Barcelona’s new signings Arturo Vidal, Malcom and Arthur will likely be the club’s three non-EU players but coach Ernesto Valverde has travelled with Brazilian defender, Marlon in the team.

But Sevilla expressed surprise with the RFEF’s sudden and late change of rules.

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In a statement, the club said, “Sevilla FC is surprised by the RFEF’ s announcement 24 hours before the Super Cup.

“It has said that as many non-EU players as desired can be registered . In their last statement for the 2018- 2019 season, only three were due to be allowed , without exception .
“The club ’ s legal department is studying the matter and should FC Barcelona line up with more than three non – EU players , it would present possible ground for withdrawal due to an improper line- up. ”

The South American trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho are all EU citizens, with Coutinho acquiring his Portuguese passport through his Portuguese wife just last week.


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