Reality Star Phyna Emphasizes Love Over Wealth in Ideal Partner

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Controversial Big Brother Naija reality star and actress, Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, widely known as Phyna, recently stirred a conversation about relationship dynamics on her podcast, “Spill With Phyna.” In the latest episode featuring singer Khaid as a guest, the actress expressed that wealth isn’t a top criterion when it comes to choosing a potential partner.

Phyna, known for her outspoken nature, highlighted that what matters most to her in an ideal partner is love and care. In the podcast, she shared, “When it comes to my ideal partner, I don’t even want your money. As long as you love me, you care for me. Don’t worry, I will handle my financial needs.


The reality star emphasized her ability to independently manage her financial affairs, challenging the notion that financial status should be a defining factor in relationships.

During the conversation, Phyna acknowledged a prevalent apprehension among some men who might be hesitant to date a woman with a higher financial standing. She challenged this societal norm, suggesting that such concerns should not be a hindrance to building meaningful connections.

Her guest, Khaid, contributed to the discussion by stating that he wouldn’t hesitate to date a wealthier woman. However, he emphasized the importance of mutual respect and asserted that the financial disparity should not lead to discrimination within the relationship.

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