Reasons Why I’ll Never Date A Feminist

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I’ve been hearing a lot recently from classmates and others about whether they’d date people from different religions, political backgrounds, races, or just general mindsets. Now, while I honestly wouldn’t mind dating someone from a different background than myself, there are a few that I just absolutely would never touch, and chief among those are “feminists.”

There are many reasons I wouldn’t date a feminist. First off, not to perpetuate the stereotype of “all guys think about is sex” how the hell would you navigate that sexual minefield?

We’re in a culture right now where false rape accusations can completely ruin a man’s life, even if they’re obviously unbased. Girls who regret the night before and don’t want to be held responsible for their decisions just say the magic “r-word” and think that absolves them of everything, not even considering what their selfishness has done to that person. Guys are even having to go as far as demanding “consent texts” from girls just so they can have proof later that the girl in fact was going along with it. That’s just pitiful that people feel the need to even think about those kinds of things.

How could you date someone, and open yourself up to them in an intimate manner, knowing that all they have to do if they regret anything is to call it “rape” and your life as you know it is over.

Another reason is they seem to take the title of that super old game show “Battle of the Sexes” to be an actual physical battle. Relationships are supposed to be based on a certain loyalty to each other, and if they view it as a struggle, your short-lived relationship is going to be absolute hell. You wouldn’t just be arguing with her, in her mind you’re attacking all women!

You’ll have struggles over dates, too. I’m of the mindset of “if I’m able, I’ll pay for the both of us.” In a normal relationship, the girl would see that as a romantic gesture, and be thankful that you’re showing that you care for her enough to treat her to a night out.

To a feminist, it’s not like that. They see that gesture as a power struggle of sorts. Best case scenario, you’ll get a girl who insists on paying for herself. While it’s a little wounding to your pride, at least it’s not the end of the world. I’ve had girls who did that who eventually came around because they saw that I wasn’t trying to oppress them, but I was actually showing affection that way.

Worst case… you get one of those women who sees this as something that’s owed to her because either “pussy power” or some delusions about gender pay gap or what not. She’ll rant about how you need to pay not only for her food, but for her tampons, make up, clothes, or whatever else her entitled attitude can dream up. To her, this is your gender making up for the fact that we have a penis and that means we’re somehow oppressive of her.

There are more reasons as to why I avoid feminists like the plague, but those are reasons enough in my mind.

What are your reasons for avoiding RadFems?

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