Release 320 Boko Haram suspects, ACF tells Mbu

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The Arewa Consultative Forum has called on the Rivers State Police Commissioner, Joseph Mbu to release the 320 Boko Haram suspects arrested in the State in the wee hours of Sunday morning, stating that they were not Boko Haram members but businessmen returning from a trip to Jigawa State.

The ACF leader in the South South, South East region, Alhaji Musa Saidu said the traders moved in a convoy of 17 buses in order to prevent attacks from armed robbers.

Saidu said, “Those people arrested by the police are not Boko Haram members. I was the one that directed that anybody that is just coming into Port Harcourt from the North should report to us (Hausa leaders in Port Harcourt).

“Mbu is a friend and I have sent him a text message to release the innocent people that were arrested by his men on Sunday. We know that security agents are fighting Boko Haram, but sincerely speaking, these people that were arrested have nothing to do with Boko Haram.

“Surprisingly, one of those arrested is the wife of my neighbour who went to the North to buy fruits and other things to sell here in Port Harcourt. We are happy that the police did not find any weapon with them. The traders move in convoy whenever they are travelling in order to discourage armed robbers from attacking them.”

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