Rema Expresses Deep Respect for Burna Boy’s Monumental London Stadium Feat

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Rema, a rising star in the Nigerian music industry, has recently expressed his admiration and respect for Burna Boy, a Grammy Award-winning musician, following Burna Boy’s remarkable achievement of selling out the 80,000-seat London Stadium.

This unprecedented feat has not only set a new record but also established Burna Boy as the first African artist to achieve such a monumental accomplishment.

The authenticity of this remarkable achievement has been verified and confirmed by the official page of the London Stadium.

Taking to his Instagram story, Rema praised Burna Boy for serving as a tremendous source of inspiration not only for aspiring musicians but also for the entire entertainment industry and the Nigerian community as a whole.

Burna Boy

In his heartfelt message, Rema conveyed his congratulations to Burna Boy, affectionately referring to him as “Uncle B.” He acknowledged Burna Boy’s unwavering commitment to his title as the African Giant and commended him for staying true to his words. The artist expressed his hope that God would continue to strengthen Burna Boy, enabling him to inspire countless individuals, affectionately addressing Burna Boy as a true icon by demonstrating his deep respect and admiration for the artist.

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