Rema’s ‘Dumebi’ video under scrutiny, stirs debate

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Fans of Mavin Record’s newest signee, Rema have expressed mixed reactions over the video for his hit song, ‘Dumebi’.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 18-year-old artist released the video on Wednesday drawing massive scrutiny from fans who debated the age appropriateness of the video’s plot.

The colourful video infused nature, youth and the goofiness generally associated with Generation Z. Rema and his fans are on a road trip that takes the viewer through some of Nigeria’s best scenery.

The story line follows Rema trying to get the attention of the girl he likes. He does all he can and at the same keeps having fun on the trip. Sadly, the girl’s boyfriend is also a part of the cruise.

Everyone in the video is dressed up in colourful, trendy street wear including ‘blocked’ coloured clothes and neon-bright sunglasses. The hairstyles also add carefree vibes to the entire setup.

Some fans felt since Rema, born in 2001, makes music enjoyed by young people of all ages, his video should also reflect all the demographics and not focus on people his age.

@Tia_africa said, “REMA’s Dumebi video is for secondary school students.”

@Itzlaolao tweeted, “He just gathered with his close friends and did video to upload on his WhatsApp status.”

@PrincessEgbuna said, “I want to believe that Rema didn’t give us the official Dumebi video. Wetin be that?”

@Girlinyellow tweeted, “Nobody is asking him to show naked bodies. He should have flowed more with the Afro beat concept put some dancers, give it a more Nigerian vibe.

“Something that connects more with the song. That looks like a video for some high school musical shii. Dumebi video is trash.”

Meanwhile, other fans defended the singer and noted that he should be left alone to act his age. They also remarked that Wizkid’s first video ‘Holla at your boy’s had similar playful pattern.

@Ogieva tweeted, “First of all, do you understand the concept of a target audience? Secondly, who appointed you? Lastly, the guy is 18. Let him act his age.”

@DJcyrup tweeted, “Most people saying Rema’s Dumebi video is trash haven’t seen it yet.”

@Yacim said, “People are mad at Rema for the Dumebi video lol. Is he not 18? What did u expect? I don’t get.”

@Zaddynomso said, “I understand the gist that Rema should have a story line for Dumebi Video but you got to appreciate the fact it had no Naked Girls.

“I think it’s a plot to catch Fans his age like Hola At Your Boy did in 2011. Sounds like Wizkid Coming 2.0.”

Rema has since responded to the backlash through his twitter handle, @heisrema. He wrote, “My sound, my generation. Accept my new visual for #Dumebi Link on my bio.” (NAN)

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