Residents Lament As Ikotun Market Bridge Nears Collapse

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Ikotun Market Bridge

Residents and commuters in the Ikotun area of Lagos State are expressing increasing concerns over the poor state of the Ikotun Market bridge, which connects Egbe and its surroundings in Alimosho Local Council.

The Guardian Nigeria reported that during heavy rains in September, sections of the bridge collapsed, destroying vital support structures and creating a gully that extends into the canal.

The Herald understands that the potential collapse of the bridge has alarmed motorists and other road users who still depend on the remaining accessible part of the road to go about their daily businesses.

Some sand beneath the bridge has also been reported as being eroded, causing a big curve that poses danger.

While authorities initially banned heavy-duty trucks from using the bridge, they have now sealed off the affected section and diverted traffic to the other lane until repair work can be carried out.

However, neither local nor state authorities have provided a specific timeline for the needed repairs.

Motorists and traders near the bridge are increasingly worried about the possibility of a total collapse. The bridge is a vital route connecting Ikotun to Isolo, Oshodi, and other parts of Lagos, making it even more important to be fixed, before a complete collapse happens.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) has also voiced concerns about its road maintenance and rehabilitation activities being disrupted by continuous heavy rainfall in various parts of the state.

The General Manager of the Corporation, Lateef Somide, cited the challenges of conducting road maintenance during rainy seasons and the impact on road quality, especially in areas with high water tables.

As a result, the LSPWC has opted to use more interlocking paving stones to address road defects, avoiding asphalt premix that may not withstand the challenging weather conditions.

Reacting to these challenges, concerned residents of the area are urging the state government to take action to fix the Ikotun market bridge and prevent a total collapse.

They pointed at the adverse impact on traffic flow and the safety risks associated with a bridge collapse.

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