REVEALED: How Invictus Obi’s Friends, Nigerian Entertainers Use Other Businesses to Cover-Up for Internet Fraud

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Many Nigerian entertainers and self-acclaimed entrepreneurs like Invictus Obi obtain their income fraudulently, a source close to the embattled entrepreneur has revealed.

Invictus Obi, whose real name is Obinwanne Okeke, was arrested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation over fraud charges to the tune of $11m.

He is known as the founder of Invictus Group, and has once appeared on Forbes list of 30 Under 30 Nigerians.

Sharing in a series of tweets, @chikenyelum, said he used to be an associate to Okeke, having worked close to him on some project about four years ago.

According to him, Okeke has since then had no clear way of making his income, thus raising his suspicion that he might have been a fraudster.

Chikenyelum said Okeke “had close friends too, like literally very close friends too who I think knew about his dealings but kept supporting him because they were profiting from it. From known published novelist & writers, journalist, Lecturer.”

“One of his very close friend and right man was also accused of Fraud on Facebook two years ago by people he had dealings with (Nigeria and Abroad). He denied it but truth be told, there’s something fishy about the very young man.”

He went on to describe some unnamed individuals who appear on social media as real business owners, but who live on proceeds of crime.

One of them, who had at a time sought Chikenyelum’s help to get a programmer for Okeke, duped him after getting what he wanted.

“When I reached out to this Obinwanne Okeke AKA “Invictus Obi” friend on update about his project, he blocked me on Facebook. Few months later I saw picture of his newly launched tourism company on Invictus Obi wall. That dude need to be investigated sha,” he said.

The same man was said to have cleared all online photographs linking him to Okeke, immediately after his arrest.

Chikenyelum fingered one Victor, who he said also walked his way up the success-ladder like Okeke did.

According to him, “A well-known celebrity is also on this table too, he visited Obinwanne Okeke AKA “Invictus Obi” on the launch of his Energy Company. ( Invictus Energy) in Abuja. He’s Obinwanne ‘s paddy. Dude is living large at the moment with no recent hits to his credit or endorsement/show.”

On the level of rot in the entertainment industry, he said, “Nigerians, you see this entertainment something is deep. Like very deep. You all do be amazed at the level of fraud in that sector. 80% percent of fraud attributed to Nigeria and Nigerians are under that sector. Mostly using record label as cover up.”


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