Richest Woman In Africa, Isabel dos Santos, In Court For Money Laundering

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The richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, has been charged to court for money laundering and mismanagement of funds which occurred during her 18 months tenure as stewardship of the state-owned oil firm, Sanangol.


The Angola’s billionaire and daughter of the ex-president Jose Eduardo dos Santos was accused of building her fortune from funds stolen from “the oil-rich but poor southern African country and moving the money abroad with the help of Western firms” with the aid of her father who was then in power.


According to reports, some leaked documents revealed that Isabel dos Santos plundered funds estimated to the tune of $2.1 billion (1.82 billion euros).


After her successor, Carlos Saturnino, raised an alarm of “irregular money transfers”, investigations were plunged into Isabel dos Santos’s 18-month tenure as Sonangol head from June 2016.


In a news conference on Wednesday, the prosecutor general, Helder Pitta Gros said;

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“Isabel dos Santos is accused of mismanagement and embezzlement of funds during her tenure at Sonangol and is thus charged in the first instance with the crimes of money laundering, influence peddling, harmful management … forgery of documents, among other economic crimes.”


Source: The Guardian

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