Rihanna: I wish I had a butt

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There is no doubt that Rihanna is one of the sexiest women alive, with millions of admirers around the world. But most of us can find something about our bodies that we’d like to change, and RiRi is no different.

On Saturday, during the L.A. launch of her new fragrance, Nude, Rihanna told Celebuzz, “I wish I had a butt.” Despite her one body hang up, the 24-year-old did shed an empowering light on those who feel less-than confident with themselves. “You only have one life to live,” she said. “So don’t care about what anyone else thinks and just love yourself.”

Apart from Rihanna, there are a growing number of celebrities who have body hang-ups. Celebrities like Kim Kardasian who says she has never been a big fan of her thighs, Shakira who  wished she was taller, had longer legs, slimmer hips, a smaller bottom and even straighter hair, Will Smith who wished his ears were not so big, Robert Pattinson who also claims he has never felt handsome, Jessica Alba who claims she’s got saggy breasts, cellulite, big hips and even went on to say that every actress out there is more beautiful than she is, are among the endless list of celebrities who have body hang-ups.

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