#RIP Rigobert Song trending on twitter, Is the football Legend Dead?

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The rumour trending on social media has it that the Ex-Cameroon international football star is dead.

Mr Song who suffered a stroke on the 3rd of October was reported to have been flown abroad for treatment at the expense of the Cameroonian government.

The  Cameroon health minister Andre Mama Fouda  had said he was making a full recovery, however, there is still speculations that he relapsed and died.

Andre said, ” He lives conscious. His life is no longer in danger, but he is not out of the woods yet. We hope he gets well soon, and comes back in full form,  as we know him to be. ”

On Saturday, there had been tweets from different persons with the #RIPRiogobertSong.

Though the report of his death is unconfirmed,  some of the tweets below expressed sympathy to the family of Rigobert Song.



















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