Russian Military Deployed To Moscow As Wagner Group Boss Starts Armed Mutiny

Wagner Group Boss Yevgeny Prigozhin has allegedly mutinied and surrounded Rostov in a shocking move against Russian leadership

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There are now widespread reports and circulating footage of additional armored vehicles deployed by military police units in key parts of Russia, including in Moscow and Rostov regions, with TASS saying they have been ordered to protect government buildings, as speculation that Wagner’s Prigozhin and the Wagner Group are making real moves against Russian leadership tonight.

News of the rebellion by Wagner started making the rounds of social media and news outlets overnight.

Russian media has confirmed–

“Security measures have been strengthened in Moscow, all the most important facilities, state authorities and transport infrastructure facilities have been taken under enhanced protection,” law enforcement agencies told TASS.

There are claims circulating that the FSB is even calling on Wagner Group’s own fighters to arrest Prigozhin and bring him in to authorities.

An FSB statement has urged Wagner forces to no longer follow his orders.


Earlier in the day, hours before the remarks saying the country’s military leadership “must be stopped” – Prigozhin had in a surprising turn gone after the very decision to go to war in the first place.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine were not going to attack Russia with the NATO bloc,” Prigozhin had said via his press service in words widely reported also in the West. “The Russian Defense Ministry is deceiving the public and the president.”

This latter part of Friday’s angry denunciations may prove to finally be Prigozhin’s downfall. There are now unverified reports that Moscow is taking extra measures to strengthen security and that the FSB is on high alert.

Yevgeny Prigozhin is denying it is a coup attempt targeting military leadership – so there may be a Wagner attempt underway to walk back the comments.




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