Saweetie Reveals Struggle with Spiritual Attacks, Credits Gospel Music for Protection

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American R&B star Saweetie has opened up about a unique challenge in her life – a belief in ongoing spiritual attacks. In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, the 30-year-old singer detailed her experiences with “evil forces” and how Gospel music provides protection during sleep.

Saweetie described a long-standing connection to the spiritual world, citing paranormal activity in her childhood home. She revealed a dependence on Gospel music while sleeping, stating, “If I am sleeping next to anyone, then I have to play Gospel music otherwise I will get attacked by evil forces. It still happening till this day.

According to Saweetie, these attacks manifest as sleep paralysis, a terrifying experience where she feels someone sitting on her chest, unable to move or speak. She credits meditation with strengthening her spiritual resilience.

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