Scores of Nigerian Soldiers Killed in Borno Boko Haram Ambush

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Grim news from Borno State allege that at least 100 soldiers have been killed and dozens of others abducted when their convoy was ambushed by fighters belonging to Islamic terrorists Boko Haram.

The troops involved in clearance operations against Boko Haram tagged Operation AYISO TAMONUMA were ambushed as they approached positions of Boko Haram fighters at Alargano, Borno State on Monday.

According to a report by HumAngle, Boko Haram fighters attacked the rear of the convoy of soldiers where a Multi barrel Rocket launcher (MBRL) system and a Sino tipper truck carrying troops was positioned.

The tipper trucks also known as ‘yellow buckets’ within the army have been in use due to the shortage of appropriate troop carriers and mine-resistant ambush protection vehicles (MRAPs).

These tipper trucks carried 100 soldiers each and were attacked with rocket propelled grenades (RPG). 40 soldiers died instantly from the attack.

The report alleged further that the ambush continued from all sides with RPG fire as well as other weapons leading to the killing of nearly 100 Nigerian Army troops including three officers, one battalion second-in-command, as well as an Air Liason Officer.

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Four civilian hunters supporting the Nigerian Army in the operation also lost their lives while dozens of soldiers were reportedly abducted by Boko Haram fighters.

A similar attack allegedly occurred three weeks ago in Yobe although the Nigerian government has refused to acknowledge it.

According to reports, the attack occurred at Goniri in Yobe State and resulted in the destruction of expensive military vehicles as well as the killing of dozens of Soldiers.

The Nigerian government has also not acknowledged Monday’s attack on its troops amid a Coronavirus lockdown.

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