See The N1M Instagram Star Makes From Single Trip To Abuja

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Roman Goddess a Popular Nigerian Instagram celeb, who recently married a man Erling Carlos to the surprise of many of her followers because she had always given them the impression she was not the type to settle down. Has shocked us again when she posted on the page N1m she made on a recent trip to Abuja,

The Lagos based socialite, has paraded the N1million naira she made in foreign currencies in just a single trip to Abuja on Instagram

She also broadcasted an Instalive video, where she said that money is the only language she understands.

The Instagram sensation is starring in a film to hit the cinema screens in the next few weeks. A few weeks back she responded to critics who disapproved of the way she flaunted her breasts to the public.

“Stop telling me to cover up..hubby likes it like strawberry milkshakes… so who the hell are you to tell me what to do? …”

The socialite has a fanbase of over 366,000 followers on Instagram and by the interaction on her page including likes and comments it proves that a lot of her fans are real.



Roman Goddess Flaunts

Roman Goddess Flaunts

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