Senators Want Immunity, Life Pension For Saraki And Dogara

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The Nigerian Senate

Some Nigerian senators have stated that they want Life pension and immunity to be granted to the presiding leaders of the National Assembly after they serve their terms.

The presiding officers, who should enjoy life pension, according to them, are President of the Senate, Deputy President of Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives.

They further noted that since the executive and judiciary are enjoying such, there is no reason why the National Assembly should not enjoy such as well.

This was disclosed at a-two day retreat on Constitution Review organised by the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Constitution Review in Lagos tagged ‘Towards Ensuring Governance Accountability in Nigerian federalism.’

Different senators who spoke at the retreat stated that ensuring that these presiding officers enjoy such benefits is a necessity.

Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, said: “This has nothing to do with an individual. It is about the institution. Let us not politicise it. Nobody elected the Chief Justice of Nigeria but he enjoys pension. But if we cheapen our own institution, so be it. Let us not make this a personal thing.”

Sen. Stella Oduah (PDP-Anambra) supported him, saying: “The executive enjoy it. Let us stand by our leaders. They should enjoy this benefit. They act on behalf of us. They are equal to the executive and judiciary and should therefore enjoy the same benefit.”


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