Senior Al-Shabaab member surrenders to government

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A senior Al-Shabaab militant surrendered to Somalia Government on Thursday in Jowhar town, a government official said.
Head of National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA), for Jowhar town, Abdukadir Hayow said the Al-Shabaab militant had before communicated to government forces of his decision to abandon the group.
Jowhar town is in middle Shabelle region, about 90km north of capital Mogadishu.
“Senior Al-Shabaab militant surrendered to NISA command, he had communications with us before and he finally came to us.
“He is Mohamed Ali Yusuf. We welcomed him and we will treat him well. We will try to improve his life”, Abdullahi said.



The Head of NISA in Jowhar town called on Al-Shabaab members to accept amnesty and abandon violence.
Al-Shabaab militants don’t often comment on its senior members surrendering to the Somali government.
Jowhar town is the administrative capital for Hirshabelle State in Somalia. (Xinhua/NAN)

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