SEO Review: Why you should avoid GoDaddy’s SEO service

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A lot of people talk about search engine optimization aka SEO, without really knowing what they are talking about. In the digital marketing landscape, SEO is one of the biggest determinants of a digital business’s success. And if you have a half-baked consultant talking to you about SEO you may want to have a rethink. That is why we had to publish this Reddit user’s popular review of’s SEO service.

See his entire review after the cut:

PSA: GoDaddy SEO service is a complete scam!

GoDaddy recently started their SEO service starting at 10 hours for a little over $500 bucks. My partner and I though we’d give it a shot with our site and were promised 10 hours of work. We own an online headshop, selling glass pipes and vapes.

After one month we got a one 200 word article written on a completely irrelevant blog about windows from a site that is clearly a link farm (which most likely negatively impacts SEO). We also got 3 links in forums/comments, all being “no-follow” links, which are completely useless for SEO. The manager said these would direct traffic – who would follow an irrelevant link on a bs blog?

10 hours of work? Really? I expected a lot better from GoDaddy. After complaining, I received a bunch of BS about how the manager there is an expert with over 10 years of experience. Experience in hosing clients, I assume.

When I asked about the time they said the article they posted for us took 5 hours including “research.” They also counted our consultation time as q&a time when they first told us the consultation time would not be charged.

The manager claimed they “usually” achieve first page results within 6 months. If this is not a blatant lie I assume it is shrouded in misdirection – it’s possible to rank first page for an obscure key word which hardly achieves any traffic results.

Please, be careful when using any SEO service. I thought GoDaddy would be smart enough to not want to tarnish their brand with this complete scam of a service – apparently not.

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