“Seun Onigbinde lacks Integrity” -Buhari’s Media team as they reject his appointment

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­The Media Organisation of President Muhammadu Buhari has out rightly rejected the appointment of Seun Onigbinde as the Technical Adviser to the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning,  Zaynab Ahmed.

Seun Onigbinde who is the Co-founder and Chief  Executive Officer of BudgIT has always been known as a Critic of President Buhari’s administration. Onigbinde has never  been one to hide his criticism for Buhari’s administration. He has always openly criticized President Buhari’s leadership.

It came as a shock to Nigerians especially  the supporters of the incumbent President when Onigbinde accepted this appointment. BudgIT’s CEO has since come under intense attacks by Nigerians on different social media platforms, since the announcement of his appointment on Friday.

The Chairman of Buhari Media Organisation, BMO, Niyi Akinsiju and the Secretary of the organisation,  Cassidy Madueke in a signed statement, described the BudgIT Co-founder, Seun Onigbinde as a man who lacks honour and integrity and hence is not deemed fit to work in Buhari’s administration.

According to them, he connotes everything Buhari stands against, as President Buhari is honourable and worthy of integrity.

“Seun Onigbinde lacks honour and integrity, which are characters known of President Buhari, and thus could not be in the same team with him,” the statement said.

“He has severally described the President with the most distasteful terms and has shown, especially on social media, that he sees nothing good in the administration of President Buhari.

“Onigbinde had also gone to the shameful extent of describing those who support the President and his administration as ‘ethnic jingoists’. He once referred to the President as ‘incompetent’ and accused him of being a dictator committing illegality.

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“We cannot but wonder that this same man accepted an appointment to serve in this same administration he has described in the most odious terms. It shows he lacks honour.”

The group also urged the members of the All Progressive Congress, APC, to reject Onigbinde ‘s Appointment

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