Seven-Man Syndicate Behind Chidinma Okeke’s Leaked Sex Tape Arrested By Police

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The blackmailers of Chidinma Okeke, the ex-Beauty Queen who was backlashed on the media for being involved in lesbianism after her sex video was leaked, have been caught by the police.

The beauty queen had taken the video in her early years at the university just for pleasure.

After she won the pageantry, she was said to have been blackmailed by some men who demanded money from her.

They further threatened to release her sex tape if she failed to comply.


However, despite paying the sum of N1.8million to the blackmailers, the group became more greedy and demanded for extra money.

When she could not meet up, the video was exposed to the public.

The seven-man gang who are behind the leak of the sex tape have now been arrested by the police, according to the information shared by Facebook user, Martin Beck Nworah.

He alleged that the culprits, who were involved in blackmailing innocent girls after convincing them to shoot sexual videos to which they are compensated with N100,000, are currently in police custody.

Mr Martin claimed that these men were very conscious of the business they were involved in and had a target to blackmail young girls.

He disclosed that their mode of operation involved opening a Facebook account with which they used to meet and communicate with people

While the police is yet to release an official statement on the matter, Martin said that the culprits were already in custody and the law will take its course on the matter.



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