#SexForGrades: Buhari calls for action against sexual harassment of females

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Aisha Buhari,  wife of the President, Mohammadu Buhari, has called for urgent action against sexual harassment of female students.

This follows after the release of the controversial BBC Africa Eye Documentary ‘Sex for Grades’ documentary, which was released on Monday.

She expressed her hatred for the constant sexual harassment of female students by male lecturers, which has also become prevalent in religious institutions.

Aisha, who was represented by Mrs. Aisha Rimi, condemned sexual harassment against students, saying it was unacceptable as the nation’s educational system had suffered many setbacks that had hindered its development.

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She said: “This simply has to change. It is no longer enough to sweep allegations under the carpet or force victims to withdraw their allegations, victimise or stigmatize them.”

Sexual harassment and abuse can be curbed by laws, which are supposed to protect victims, but such laws cannot operate except people who have fallen victims have the courage to speak up.

Aisha advised women that their dignity and self-respect should outweigh whatever challenge they face, stating her support to ensure a sexual abuse-free society for women.

She also commended BBC for their bravery in exposing the horrible things that female students face in Universities.

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