Seyi Awolowo’s Team Addresses Hate Issued Against Him In Press Release Statement

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Amidst the whirlwind of Big Brother Naija All Stars excitement, a storm of negativity and toxicity has cast its shadow on the digital landscape, prompting the management of housemate Seyi to step forward with a resolute press release in an attempt to address the rampant hate and harmful trends spreading like wildfire online.

Seyi Awolowo

On the fateful day of Friday, August 11, 2023, the enigmatic Parrot resident in the BBNaija All Stars house once again became the harbinger of secrets, divulging hushed conversations between housemates. Remarkably, this marked the second instance within the week that the Parrot had broken its silence, each time highlighting Seyi’s unfavorable comments about his fellow contestants.

This chain of events swiftly catalyzed an online sensation, as blogs and fervent fans alike unleashed a cascade of critiques targeting Seyi’s conduct both within the current season and his previous appearance on the show. His unsolicited advice to fellow housemate Frodd, advising him to maintain secrecy about his child’s birth, drew particular scrutiny, causing fans to question the rationale behind such counsel, especially given Seyi’s status as a father himself.

Seyi Awolowo

In response to the escalating waves of hostility, Seyi’s management team leveraged his Instagram platform to issue an articulate and impassioned press release. The statement unequivocally labeled the prevailing trend as an orchestrated attack on Seyi’s character, pointing fingers at sponsored bloggers and nefarious individuals who allegedly sought to tarnish his impeccable image.

While imploring viewers to exercise discernment and refrain from passing rash judgments based on digital discussions, the release advocated for the promotion of a culture rooted in fairness, respect, and support for all participants in the BBNaija All Stars competition. It aimed to stem the tide of negativity that had engulfed Seyi’s online reputation and to redirect the discourse towards a more constructive and uplifting direction.

Meanwhile, within the confines of the Big Brother house, Seyi appeared visibly shaken by the tumultuous events unraveling both inside and outside the walls. His responses turned mute in the face of the Parrot’s vocalizations, and he maintained a stoic silence as his fellow housemates embarked on a speculative journey to identify the elusive voice behind the revelations.

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