Shallipopi and Israel DMW Involved in Horrific Car Crash After Abuja Concert

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Shallipopi, and Davido’s aide, Israel DMW, have found themselves in a harrowing car accident in the early hours of Sunday while returning from a show in Abuja.

Israel DMW

The 23-year-old Shallipopi had just delivered a memorable concert in Abuja on Saturday night, leaving fans ecstatic with his spectacular performances. However, the celebratory mood took a dark turn as the duo encountered a ghastly collision on their way back to the hotel.

Israel DMW, who had been providing backstage support for Shallipopi, took to his Instagram story to share the news along with a video showing the aftermath of the accident. The footage revealed two SUVs involved in the crash, with one vehicle exhibiting significant damage to its bonnet, door, and rear light. The other SUV had a burst front tire.


The accident occurred when another vehicle collided with theirs en route to their hotel. Despite the severity of the crash, both Shallipopi and Israel DMW emerged unscathed. In the Instagram post, Israel DMW expressed gratitude to God Almighty and the Edo ancestors for ensuring their safety.

Me and Shallipopi just had an accident after a vehicle ran into us on our way back to the hotel after a show. I sat at the front seat, while Shali sat at the back. Thanks to God Almighty, thanks to Edo ancestors. Not a single scratch of injury at all,” Israel DMW captioned the post.

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