Shocking: Married Man, 2 Others Gang Rape 13 Year-Old Girl

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The Nigeria police in Lagos State has arrested three friends, Achonam Emenuwa, 32, Godwin Udoh, 22, and Emenike Orji, 20, who allegedly impregnated a 13-year old girl (name withheld) after they allegedly raped her in turns.

The teenager is now five months pregnant and expecting a baby in four months’ time. Her parents are confused on who among them actually impregnated her.

The suspects allegedly lured the little girl to Emenuwa’s room at 19, Majaro street, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos where they raped her in turns. Thereafter, they warned her not to tell anyone otherwise they would kill her.

Emenuwa is married with five kids, while his two friends are still single.

However, the deed was blown open when she became pregnant and she confessed to her parents what happened.

The three men were arrested by the police at Makinde Police Station, Oshodi and charged to Oshodi Magistrate’s court with rape and unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl.

The court ordered that the matter be transferred to the family court Ikeja, Lagos.

Narrating what happened, the girl told P.M.NEWS that Achonam called her to his room to buy drinks for his visitors who are now the two defendants in the matter.

She said when she went to collect the money to buy the drinks, they ordered her to strip herself and they started fingering her private part.

She said they also sucked her breasts before they forcefully had sex with her one after the other.

She added: “They told me not to tell anyone about it.

“ I later became sick and was vomiting and my parents took me to a hospital for a test. And after the pregnancy test, the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.”

When asked who among them impregnated her, she said she did not know.

On why she did not tell her parents what happened, she said she was afraid the three friends would kill her.

Emenuwa from Imo State, southeast Nigeria, confessed he actually had sex with her because his wife was nursing a new baby.

He said his wife travelled to the village where she delivered their fifth baby, blaming the devil for what happened.

Emenike from Abia State and Godwin from Akwa Ibom also confessed that they had sex with her on the same day, adding that it was Emenuwa that lured them into the shameful act.

They said they have been pleading with the girl’s father to forgive them.

The father of the victim simply called Emeka said they noticed changes in her and she was constantly sick and was vomiting. He said he asked his wife to take her to the hospital to know what was actually wrong with her.

He said he was devastated when the doctor’s test indicated that she was five months pregnant, adding that when his daughter was asked who did it, she mentioned the three men.

Emeka said he immediately went to the police station to report the matter and they were arrested. He said the suspects are pleading with him and offering monetary compensation to take care of the baby and his daughter.

Emeka said his problem now is to determine who the father of the baby is and “what will we tell the baby when it is born and grown-up?”

Meanwhile, after police arrested the suspects and conducted preliminary investigations, they were taken back to the station pending when they will be properly arraigned in court.


Source: PMNews

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