Signs that you should not be in that relationship yet

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Some people ignore these signs that are right under their nose and end up wobbling out of a relationship as soon as they wobble in.


Busy is an understatement

If you can hardly take time out for your own self, you should not promise someone else your time. If you are a very busy person, who can’t even take enough time out for friends and family, you’ll only be making your own life harder by being in a relationship.

Make time for yourself, take time out, fix your timings and work hours, have a proper and healthy schedule, make sure your family and friends are happy with the time you give them, and finally you can share your time with someone you want to live with. You definitely can’t tell anyone “I love you” one day and tell them “I’m busy” the next do not drag anyone into that, nobody is completely free in this world and relationships are all about setting your priorities straight. Word!

You don’t understand your feelings

So you recently asked someone out, or someone asked you out and you said yes. If you find yourself thinking of reasons why you love them or why you are with them, you shouldn’t. You don’t need reasons to love, it’s natural and it “JUST HAPPENS”. It’s a feeling that is just right, it’s a beautiful feeling of perfection that can never be explained with mere words and actions. If you’re unsure of your feelings, take some personal time and think about why you’re unsure and find a solution for yourself. So dig deep, you might just be infatuated.

Work on your insecurities first

All of us develop a lot of trust issues at one point in time based on our past experiences, we all go through “Trust Experiences” that make us either give up on trust completely or be very cautious of how and who we trust. But life isn’t as bad as we think, life has ups and downs. We often let our downs hurt us a little too much.

So if you have trust issues, work on yourself, regain hope in trust, do not commit to someone if you’re going to kill them with insecurities.

…because a relationship might save you

Relationships can’t save you, they can’t take you out of a bad life, they can’t fix all of your problems, relationships aren’t for people with selfish needs. You, and only you, can save yourself and bring yourself out of the traumas you’re currently facing. Once you’re out of all of your problematic situations and you don’t need a savior anymore, THAT is when you commit to someone.

…because you pity the person

This is the pity patter love I talked about in another article. Do NOT just dive into a relationship because you think you can make someone happy or change their life. Just as you shouldn’t expect to be saved, you can’t be someone’s savior either. If you commit to someone solely because you want to save them, there’s a very big chance of them not being saved in the end.


This is probably one of the biggest reasons for failed relationships. You just can’t be a desperate person. People who are desperate give off a very negative vibe, they aren’t liked by most people and they usually get into flings that make them guilty later. Someone may actually have feelings for you and being desperate might push them away because it’s a very unattractive feature to have. Even if someone likes you for being desperate, they’re very wrong for you because they’re desperate themselves. Be content, be happy with who you are and where you are in life, let love come on its own, don’t run after it.

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