“Silence is the Best Answer Given to a Fool” — Goya Menor Attacks Portable

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Goya Menor has replied to Portable who took to attacking him on social media, following the artist’s interview on Hip TV, where he was probed about the street-pop music maestro.

In the interview, Goya Menor was questioned if he had issues with Portable, where he replied that he had no issues as Portable’s issues are with him, himself.

He said “I don’t have issues with him. I think he has issues with himself

Goya Menor went ahead to compare himself with Portable, making reference to his colleague as a dog barking and he himself, an elephant.

However, Portable was not having the comment as he took it up and attacked online, stating that Goya had no hit song with no street credibility.

An aggravated Portable made his point known in vernacular that compared to him, the artist had no endorsement and shows to perform as much as he (Portable) had amassed for himself.

Replying to the zazoo crooner, Goya stated that “since you choose to remain a baboon, the zoo is where I’d come for him, that’s all I have to say

Goya stressed that his reason for not stooping to Portable’s level was due to the fact that his fans had urged him to ignore, stating that “silence is the best answer for a fool

Recall that the bad blood existing between both artists sparked last year, following Goya Menor’s win in the Best Street-hop category at the 2022 Headies— a nomination Portable was disqualified in.

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