“Since I broke up with Groovy, I haven’t dated anyone” — Phyna

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Reality star and fast-rising actress, Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has shared her challenges in the world of relationships, expressing her struggles since parting ways with her ex-boyfriend, Groovy, after the BBNaija ‘Level Up’ show in 2022.

In a recent interview with Naija FM, Lagos, Phyna revealed that she has been unable to find a replacement for Groovy, leaving her single since the end of their relationship. However, she clarified that despite her single status, she hasn’t embraced celibacy and has her own way of handling intimate needs.

Since I broke up with Groovy, I haven’t dated anyone,” Phyna lamented during the interview. When questioned about how she navigates her single life and manages sexual urges, she shared, “I don’t do toys. I dey vibe once once. I get guys for my phone wey I fit just call whenever I’m horny.


The reality star emphasized her busy schedule as an actress, stating that she rarely has free time. Therefore, whenever she is available, she reaches out to someone to fulfill her needs. “The point is to live a man’s life. That was why I said I wished I were a man. And I don’t have time to listen to gossips,” she added.

Phyna went on to shed light on her tumultuous relationship history, citing religious differences as a significant factor in her past breakup. She recounted an instance where her partner’s religious beliefs led to their separation, discovering his pictures with another lady on social media.

I have not been lucky with relationships. I always want to invest in my relationships; unfortunately, the men I always end up with, there are always issues,” she shared. Despite her challenges, Phyna remains resilient, emphasizing her determination to live life on her terms.

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