Solomon Buchi: Why American Christianity Scares Me

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Solomon Buchi, a renowned upholder of moral code conducts and relationship expert, recently spoke out against the pregnancy shoot of Christian singer, Chandler Moore’s wife.

He expressed his disappointment in the indecency of the shoot and how inappropriate it was. The relationship expert, who is now a husband, stated that he is no longer surprised by the flimsy things done by supposed Christian brothers.

As a minister’s wife, Buchi explained that there should have been a level of differentiation following the pregnancy shoot. He pointed out that situations like these do not help the gospel music industry. Buchi stressed that having a heart for God is not enough; there should be clear evidence of consecration.

Solomon Buchi

Being a big fan of Chandler Moore’s music, Buchi finds it hard to defend him now, as people are quick to label him as judgmental. However, he feels obligated to speak the truth, as he believes that it is the right thing to do. He revealed that American Christianity scares him and cited it as one of the reasons why he had to speak out.

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