South African Entertainer Impersonates Leaders Of Xenophobia Killings In Disturbing Video

The Herald NG
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A yet to be identified South African entertainer and comedian has released a chilling video in which he mimics the mentalities of the culprits responsible for the wave of Xenophobia killings in South Africa.

His depiction is not funny as contrary to his usual comedic banter, the killings of foreigners in South Africa by fellow Africans is a tragedy and what some observers have called typical ignorant behaviour.

The comedian promises that more foreigners will be killed, which is precisely the intention of the killers executing these people in order to scare many away.

The tension is largely caused by the poverty in urban South African areas as the ruling government ANC failed its people and diverted their attention from their corruption.

Analysts believe that South Africans have refused to politically expel their bad leaders through the polls but have instead resorted to violently oppress other more successful Africans in their region who attained various levels of success without much government assistance.

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