Sowore: No Christmas for me if my son is not released – Mother Reveals

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Madam Esther Kehinde Sowore, mother of rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, said she would not celebrate Christmas if the Department of State Services (DSS) does not free her son from its custody.

Madam Kehinde said her son, Sowore, is a nice person and he started activism even before he got to the University of Lagos (UNILAG) adding that he has been fighting for justice since he was in secondary school.

When asked whether she has made attempts to see her son, she said: “I was told that I would not be allowed to see him. Those that went said the DSS did not allow anybody to see him and that I would also not be allowed to see him. And they don’t allow him to talk to his wife, children and relations.

“The last time I saw him was when he was home for his brother’s wedding. But we didn’t have any chance to talk. He came into the village around 7pm and left in the morning. Before that time, he always called. So the last conversation would be just greetings.

“I’m very afraid. I’m just lucky that I am staying with my children so I am not lonely. If not, I would have found myself in the hospital. My children are the ones who say, ‘mummy, please eat; mummy, you have to bathe’. If I don’t want to eat, they would force me to eat. I can’t sleep. I don’t have appetite. I only force myself to eat something small.

“If they release my son, Christmas will be perfect for me. I am begging all Nigerians to help me. I am begging all political leaders to plead with Buhari to release my son.

“I call on mothers, church leaders, and traditional leaders to plead with Buhari. I call on his (retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s) wife to talk to her husband so he can release my son.

“It is the woman that knows the pain of childbirth. For example, if she is the one whose son is in detention for more than four months, how will she feel? I want Buhari to leave room for peace in Nigeria. My son is not a criminal; he always says the truth.

“I am a widow; I want Buhari to consider me. I want Aisha to talk to her husband to release my son. She should know how painful it would be to have a son in detention for over four months.”

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