Speed Darlington Declares Himself West Africa’s Number One Musician

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Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington has sparked controversy by declaring himself the number one musician in West Africa. In a recent appearance on the “Curiosity Made Me Ask” podcast hosted by content creator Bae U Barbie, Speed Darlington boldly stated, “I am the number one musician/celebrity in West Africa. No one is hotter than me.”

This declaration comes on the heels of a warning issued by Speed Darlington to his fans, urging them to stop comparing him to fellow controversial singer Portable. Speed Darlington emphasized his superiority, stating, “I am the bigger artist, I am a star.” He also took a jab at Portable, who was recently arrested by the police for allegedly owing 14 million naira for his G-Wagon, saying, “I go around doing my business freely, and I don’t have any reason for the police to chase me around.”

Speed Darlington’s claims have sparked a heated debate in the music industry, with many questioning his basis for declaring himself the number one musician in West Africa. Some have argued that his statement is a publicity stunt, while others believe he has a legitimate claim to the title.

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