Spyro Reveals the Real Reason Behind His Refusal to Work with Portable

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The Nigerian music industry has been buzzing with discussions surrounding Spyro, a fast-rising singer, and his recent public statement about his reluctance to collaborate with fellow musician, Portable. In a revealing interview on Cool FM, Lagos, Spyro made it clear that Portable is the one artist he will never join forces with.


During the interview, the show host, Do2tun, posed a question to Spyro, asking him about the artist he would not consider collaborating with. In response, Spyro firmly stated that his decision had nothing to do with any personal issues but rather stemmed from their divergent musical tastes. He emphasized that their styles and preferences differ greatly, making it challenging for him to create a song that Portable would be able to perform effectively.

Spyro expressed, “Not because I have an issue with him, but because our paths just don’t cross. Our kind of music don’t align. He won’t be able to deliver the kind of music I will write for him because it’s not his style.” This candid statement shed light on the underlying reasons behind Spyro’s refusal to collaborate with Portable.


Furthermore, when asked about his opinion on Portable’s singing ability, Spyro acknowledged Portable’s talent. He believed that Portable’s choice to pursue a particular style of music was intentional and reflective of his artistic vision. Spyro’s recognition of Portable’s skills demonstrated a sense of respect and appreciation for his fellow artist’s unique musical direction.

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