States fight back against Police Recruitment padded list

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Following the discovery of a possible corrupted police recruitment list, Heads of States have come out to fight against this alleged scandal.

The ongoing recruitment is aimed at hiring 10,000 constables, but it has been brought the the attention of the Heads of States that some states have more candidates.

Nasarawa State , which is the home state of the inspector-General of police, Mohammed Adamu, had the highest number of candidates, adding up to 528 candidates, while Katsina, which is home to the President, Buhari, recruited about 435 candidates.

This high number of candidates is happening against the normal protocol of recruitment scandal which has rocked the National Assembly in which job slots were given to lawmakers by the federal agencies and ministries.

According to Punch , Both Borno and Bauchi heads of States had laid their complaints before the police service Commission about the identified corrupt recruitment of candidates in the list released by the police on their website.

According to Punch, the states where told to write down their complaints, indicating how they felt about the recruitment list which gave Nasarawa the highest number of candidates, which has just 13 local government areas .

Based on the approved numbers that where supposed to be allocated to each state, Nasarawa was supposed to have just 156 slots, but instead, they had 528 slots in the list.

Meanwhile, Borno State which has 27 local Government areas was allocated 274 candidates instead of 324, and Bauchi with 20 local government areas ended up with 232 slots instead of 240 slots.

When an analysis was carried out, it was discovered that 372 candidates out of the 528 recruited candidates from Nasarawa State did not actually apply for the job, but were allegedly included in the list.

It was also discovered that each local government area was supposed to get 12 slots, but investigations indicated that the police authorities did not give the states their due slots as the figures were allocated indiscriminately without regard for the number of local government areas in each state.

The document showed that Bauchi was short-changed by eight slots as it got 232 candidates instead of 240 while 43 illegal names were allegedly smuggled into the final list.

Here are the Analysis of the padded list for each state:

Cross river: 40 illegal names

Abuja: 48 illegal slots

Benue: 87 illegal slots

Kogi: 52 illegal slots

Niger: 96 illegal slots

Plateau: 4 illegal slots

Gombe: 39 illegal slots

Taraba: 19 illegal slots

Kaduna: 31 illegal slots

Kebbi: 20 illegal slots

While some States had extra names added to their slots, some states where given less slots than they were originally allocated.

Kwara: lost 23 slots, had a total of 169 instead of 192

Adamawa: got 249 slots instead of 252 slots

Yobe: 155 slots instead of 204 slots

Jigawa: 280 slots instead of 324

Kano: 403 slots instead of 528 slots

Sokoto: 192 instead of 276

According to their correspondent, they  gathered that the candidates were not issued the required unique number usually allocated to police trainees by the PSC.
The police are, however, pressing ahead with the exercise despite the legal challenge being mounted against the recruitment by the commission which filed an originating summons and interlocutory injunction restraining the inspector General from going ahead with the exercise.

The processes, filed by Kanu Agabi (SAN), would be heard by the Federal High Court 5 on October 23.
The commission had dissociated itself from the list of candidates released by the police, describing it as “an act of illegality.”

The commission’s spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, in a statement urged the public to ignore the list, adding that it would soon release the authentic one.

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It said, “The commission notes that the list released by the police is an act of illegality and from close observation is in serious breach of the Federal Character requirements.
“The commission urges the public to be wary of the list as it will soon resume the remaining stages of the recruitment process and release the authentic list of successful candidates, local government by local government.”

Their source said, “The commission learnt that the commandant has released the admission list of successful candidates and he would be queried for doing this without the board’s approval.
“The commandant is our employee and would be sanctioned for his act of misconduct and insubordination.”
The force spokesman, DCP Frank Mba, could not be reached for comment on Friday over the alleged discrepancies observed in the constables’ list published by the force.





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