Street Artiste Portable Criticizes Seun Kuti Over Marital Infidelity Views

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Street artiste Portable has taken to social media to express his disagreement with fellow musician Seun Kuti’s views on marital infidelity. This comes in response to Seun and his wife, Yetunde, sharing their perspectives on marriage during a recent interview on the TVC show ‘Your View.’

Portable needs help from Wizkid

Yetunde stated her commitment to staying with Seun, even if he were to be unfaithful, emphasizing that she wouldn’t leave him for cheating. Seun echoed her sentiment, prioritizing love over possession in their marriage, implying that infidelity wouldn’t necessarily end their relationship.

In response, Portable voiced his disagreement through an Instagram post. He made it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate infidelity from his partners, stressing the importance of responsibility in marriage. Portable suggested that a man who cannot address his wife’s infidelity lacks responsibility, emphasizing the potential consequences of ignoring such behavior.

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