Strikes Issued to Ike and Soma in BBNaija All-Stars

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Big Brother Naija All-Stars house witnessed a dramatic turn of events as the identity of the culprit responsible for the vandalism of Ilebaye’s belongings was revealed to be none other than Ike. The shocking revelation unfolded during a gathering of all the housemates in the lounge, orchestrated by Biggie.

In a riveting moment, Big Brother played video tapes that captured the sequence of events, exposing Ike’s involvement in throwing Ilebaye’s personal items into the bathroom. The tapes also showcased a meeting among the male housemates, strategizing to provoke Ilebaye, and highlighted the presence of Venita and Seyi as witnesses to Ike’s act.

As a consequence of his actions, Ike received a strike from Big Brother for his role in goading and provoking Ilebaye through the act of vandalizing his belongings. However, the consequences did not end there. Ike is also slated to face an additional punishment in the following week, pending his survival through Sunday’s eviction.

Ike was not the sole housemate to face disciplinary actions. Soma’s post-pool party altercation with Angel came under the scrutiny of Big Brother. The playback footage unveiled Soma’s attempts to engage in a conversation with Angel, who was steadfast in her decision not to engage. The playback also captured Soma making an offensive gesture at the camera, reminiscent of a move that led to Kiddwaya’s strike in a previous season.

In response to his behavior, Big Brother issued Soma a strike for harassment of a fellow housemate and displaying disrespect towards Big Brother. Similar to Ike, Soma’s punishment will be executed in the upcoming week, contingent upon his survival through the eviction process.

The shocking twist did not end with the strikes, as Big Brother concluded the session by making an unprecedented announcement. Contrary to the belief that three strikes were a prerequisite for disqualification, Big Brother clarified that a housemate could be ejected from the house if they posed a threat to the safety and harmony of the house.

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