Alicia Keys’ Husband, Swizz Beat Slammed With $42 million Lawsuit


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Alicia Keys’ husband Swizz Beat has been accused of re-selling leased luxury cars.

The $42 million lawsuit, filed by Metro-Gem Leasing and Funding Corp on Wednesday accused Swizz of Civil racketeering – a process in which organized groups run illegal businesses.

Swizz was accused of leasing 11 cars through his production company also the company accused Swizz of attempting to sell the cars with the help of his middle man, Macky Dancy to a third party.

The cars in question include a Bentley convertible and a Ferrari F12 which according to the lawsuit was resold illegally.

However, Swizz’s representative claimed that he was being wrongly accused and said that both he and Macky were innocent.

The spokesperson said “Swizz Beatz and Macky Dancy are innocent pawns in a years-long multi-million dollar dispute.”

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