Tacha’s $20,000 Dress: Luxury or Overpriced Mistake?

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Former Big Brother Naija housemate and successful entrepreneur, Tacha, caused a stir on social media when she took to her Twitter page yesterday to express her satisfaction with her outfit at the recently held AMVCA 2023. According to the popular public figure, her ensemble was undoubtedly the best among all the outfits seen at the event.

Tacha made a bold statement, emphasizing that there is a distinct disparity between the images fans see online and the actual appearance of their beloved celebrities. She firmly believed that her attire surpassed all others in terms of style and elegance.

To support her claim, the ex-BBN star shared the receipt for her stunning blue dress, revealing that she had purchased it for a whopping $20,000. She believed that this extravagant price tag alone solidified her outfit as the pinnacle of fashion at the AMVCA.

While many Nigerians had their opinions about Tacha’s outfit, some questioned the credibility of the fashion line responsible for creating her attire. They argued that the brand was not registered as a legitimate business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Additionally, others concluded that Tacha had been deceived into overpaying for her outfit, suggesting that it was not worth the exorbitant price.

Unfazed by the criticisms, the reality TV star fired back with a series of tweets, expressing her unwavering confidence in her choice of outfit. She proudly declared that her efforts were unmatched and highlighted the challenges of being in the public eye. Tacha even shared an incident where she was stopped by the police, but was let off the hook due to the perceived value of her $20,000 attire.

In a final show of her competitive spirit, Tacha concluded her tweet storm by urging her industry colleagues to step up their game for the next AMVCA event. She advised them to utilize the next year to meticulously prepare their outfits, emphasizing that she did not want to hear any complaints about her self-appreciation and dedication to looking impeccable at the 2024 event.

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