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How To See The Terrifying Things Google Knows About You

We have come to accept that the technology we interact with on

Olajumoke: Cinderella Is Real – Google

Mr Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, the Manager, Communication and Public Relations, Google, on Saturday

Revealed: Apple Stores iCloud Data With Google

It has emerged that Apple is storing some of its users' iCloud

Google’s AI Beats World Go Champion In First Of Five Matches

In a landmark battle between man and artificial intelligence (AI), the world

Google Self-driving Car Crashes Into Bus

One of Google's self-driving cars crashed into a bus in California last

Google, WhatsApp Back Apple Against FBI Hack Request

The chief executive of Google and the founder of WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned

Google Self-Driving Software To Officially Qualify As Car Driver

Google’s computers have been officially recognised as the driver of the company’s

Gmail, WhatsApp Hit One Billion Users

During Alphabet's first earnings call, Google CEO Sundar Pichai commented that as

Revealed: Here’s What Google Paid The Man That Owned Google.com For A Minute

In October 2015, Sanmay Ved, a researcher managed to buy Google.com on

Whatsapp for Android to support data back-up to Google Drive

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has entered into a partnership with bitter rival of its

Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Gets New CEO

Google Incorporated has appointed a veteran in the American auto industry John

Google’s Driverless Car Project Lauded

Accolades have continued to trail the sophistication of the safety sensors installed

Google spots new look, redesigns logo

Google has redesigned the look of its site to give users accessing

Google not worried about Apple’s new iPhones

Google’s management team seem to have dodged a bullet or two from

Google’s Q2 earnings miss estimates due to increase in mobile ad clicks

Google (GOOG) on Thursday reported a surprise second-quarter earnings decline as the search

Syria Going Off The Internet, Google Re-opens @speak2tweet

Data from numerous traffic monitors shows that numbers dropped considerably in Syria

Baidu: Internet Giant of Tomorrow

In the last 14 years, one of the businesses that has helped

Google Has Recognised Online Advertising Growth In Nigeria

Google Nigeria, has acknowledged the massive growth in online businesses and advertisement

Google Upgrade: Friends to Monitor Your Search Activities

Google plans to integrate information on your current activities and those of

At Last “Facebook” Beware, Introduing “Wavii”- Google

For those of us that actually use Facebook… Well guess this is

Seeing the World the Google way, 5 challenges to be overcome

Google has never been a design-forward company, revolutionizing our lives through interface

Google offers $1 Billion to buy ‘’ WhatsApp’’

Google is negotiating with Whatsapp to buy it, claims a source familiar

Governments fishing for more user data from Google

Google is being pulled into an increasing number of police and government

Google Chairman, Schmidt Visits Nigeria, Talks Innovation With Fashola

Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt was in Nigeria and Kenya last week.

Move Over Google: Toyota And Audi Launch Self-Driving Cars

You’ve probably heard that Google has been working for years to develop