Tems’ Manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, Clears Dating Rumors – Affirms No Romantic Relationship with the Singer

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Nigerian artist Tems’ manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, has put an end to speculations surrounding his relationship with Tems, addressing the matter and setting the record straight on their connection.

Tems and her manager

The rumored dating saga gained momentum after the singer’s recent birthday, marked by a heartfelt post from Awoniyi expressing his affection with a closing statement, “I love you.”

In a recent post on his X profile, featuring a video from Gabzy’s concert, a netizen took the opportunity to comment, suggesting that “Last last, Tems no go marry you, werey.

Responding to the comment, Muyiwa dismissed any romantic involvement, making it clear that there is no relationship between him and the singer. He went on to assert that he already has a girlfriend, stating, “Lmao I have a girlfriend, you dummy.

Tems and her manager

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