Tension as bandits kill 3 Rivers police officers in reprisal attack

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Some bandits have reportedly killed three police officers, one chief, and another relative of the paramount ruler of the Iriebe community in Rivers States.

Before the latest attack, the same set of criminals had invaded a Hausa community in the area, threatening the residents with guns and machetes. But luckily for residents, some security officials swiftly attacked the bandits and got into a gun duel with them.

At the end of the attack, the officers were able to gun down two of the bandits while others managed to escape.

However, the assailants regrouped and returned to the community to attack the security men.

In the end, they murdered three policemen and a brother to the traditional ruler of the community.

The ruler, Jeremiah Worenwu, explained that residents had begun to panic since the time the police raised an alarm that some of its weapons had been stolen. Things then became messier when the security men found out where the missing weapons were kept.

Tension as bandits kill 3 Rivers police officers in reprisal attack

Jeremiah stated, “

“A few weeks back, some policemen called me to report that some hoodlums snatched their arms at a checkpoint at Abuja junction; the police said the men carried away three AK-47 rifles.

“All this while, the police had been investigating. But yesterday (Wednesday), while I was in court over a community matter, I was told that some northerners had a disagreement with the Akwa Ibom people, which led to the Akwa Ibom indigenes going to report to the police.

“When the police came, they discovered some weapons in abandoned government low-cost houses occupied by hoodlums. The building is also used by some northerners who deal in scraps in the community.

“After the police discovered the weapons, they re-enforced. I saw policemen everywhere in the community around 5 pm when I returned from the court.

“By 7 pm, I began to hear gunshots. People called me to say that two policemen were shot dead. I was inside the house with my family, but my younger brother, Clinton, was outside, observing movements with some other persons in front of our father’s compound.

“It was this morning when I wanted to call for a stakeholders’ meeting to discuss the way forward that we learnt of his death. He was shot several times at close range. The community is in disarray; residents are moving out in large numbers. The markets are closed and business shut.”

Following the series of killings, more security personnel have been sent to the area to prevent further chaos.

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