Teyana Taylor Reveals Reason Behind Early Retirement From Music

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American singer and actress, Teyana Taylor has opened up about what made her decide to retire from music so early.

Speaking with Cam Newton on BET’s Sip ‘N Smoke, the Mum of two said: “At the end of the day, I’m a mom first,” she explained. “A mom, a wife, a woman. And I think for me, I put in a lot of work. I work very, very hard. So, if you feel unheard and unseen like how I said earlier with my husband. He sees me, he hears me. I take that shit serious.

“Everything that I do. So if you’re my husband, or I’m signed, everybody that I’m aligned with should see me. They should hear me. They should feel me. If you don’t see me, hear me, or feel me, it’s a dub for you.”

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Teyana Taylor explained that most of her frustration came from the label side, saying that she felt unappreciated.

“And I felt like the label wasn’t really hearing me and seeing me,” she continued. “I felt underappreciated. So, for my mental health, my mental well-being, for my kids, let me just put this on ice for a little [bit]. It’s not that I retired permanently. It’s more like, I just don’t feel like I want to move another inch for a company.”


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