The Demise of Murphy Afolabi Unveils Hypocrisy in Nigerian Film Industry, Toro Aramide Speaks Up

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
2 Min Read

Nollywood actress Toro Aramide has taken to social media to express her concerns about the growing hypocrisy within the Nigerian movie industry. In a thought-provoking Instagram post, Toro candidly addressed her disappointment with certain colleagues whom she referred to as hypocrites, particularly in light of the recent passing of fellow actor Murphy Afolabi.

The unfortunate demise of Murphy Afolabi on Sunday, May 14, just a few days after celebrating his 49th birthday, prompted Toro to share her poignant perspective on the matter. In her post, she questioned the genuineness of those who swiftly mourned the loss of the actor, while failing to celebrate him during his lifetime.

Toro boldly pointed out that many individuals who posted pictures of themselves mourning Murphy’s untimely death lacked the same level of enthusiasm when it came to acknowledging his birthday just days earlier. This apparent discrepancy deeply troubled Toro and motivated her to shed light on the issue of hypocrisy prevalent in the industry.

The actress expressed her disillusionment with such behavior, which she believes is one of the main reasons she is cautious about forming friendships within the movie industry. This candid revelation speaks to the complex dynamics and interpersonal relationships that exist within Nollywood.

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