The Price I’ve Paid For My Integrity- Jimi Agbaje

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Former governorship candidate for Lagos state, Jimi Agbaje has spoken out about the consequences he’s had to face to remain a man of integrity in a dirty game such as politics.

The former PDP aspirant was speaking at a leadership seminar by the Latter Rain Assembly’s Mountain of Government and Politics in Lagos.

He recalled the 2007 election and how he was asked to lie and as a reward he was offered the position of Deputy Governor.

He said; “In 2007, we ran a very robust campaign in my party at that time; the ruling party in Lagos. It got to a stage when a number of us said the rules were not right and then the leadership called me and said, ‘Look, Jimi, you’ve run a good race. We will offer you deputy governor.’ I said, ‘deputy governor (ship position)?’ He said yes.

“I then asked, ‘deputy to whom?’ and the leadership gave the name and I said, ‘But the two of us would be from the same senatorial district.’ And the leadership said, ‘Oh, we’ve resolved that.

“I asked again, ‘How have you resolved it?’ he said, ‘We have called them in another senatorial district that you would be coming out from their zone.

“Every aspirant believes that he is a winner. Even if you are going to score zero, you still believe that you have seen that victory. So, I then said, ‘But sir, it’s  me you want to cheat. Don’t sell it from that place that it’s not my home. Tell the other person to say he is coming from that place. And he said, ‘No, no, no! You are the one coming from that place.”

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